Wooden knob Human Internal Organs Educational Puzzle Toys

For our toddlers to form healthy habits early in life, it is essential that they understand what’s inside our bodies. For your child, a fun learning knob and peg puzzle is a Wonderful game to improve their skills and make them aware of the inside body organs.


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Wooden knob Human Internal Organs Educational Puzzle Toys

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It is crucial that, as parents, we keep our kids informed about general topics and provide them with both practical and theoretical understanding. Children will acquire and remember different types of transports and vehicles that will help them develop and increase their productivity with the help of our Little Steps toys wooden knob transport board.


Playing with knob puzzle toys can help children develop fine motor skills and improve their hand-eye coordination as they manipulate the pieces to fit in the correct spaces. It can also teach them about shapes, colors, alphabets, and numbers.


knob puzzle toys are also fun and engaging for children. They can provide hours of fun and learning, and can help set the foundation for future academic and developmental success.


1. Made of 100% safe wooden material
2. Provides learning in a fun way
3. Improves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills
4. Develops color recognition and visual senses