Wooden Number Tracing Board

Children are tend to learn the numbers more quickly and easily. Handmade with love and carved fine edges this board will develop the motor skills of your child and made them the fast learner. encourage your child and made them confident with our wooden numbers tracing board.


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Wooden Number Tracing Board

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This informative wooden numbers engraved board aids in your child’s proper memorization of the alphabet for brain growth. Carved in a number shape it will help children learn how to grip and move the pencil. The ideal technique for kids to begin writing with hand motions and strokes is in this manner. Children benefit from having good writing habits stored in their subconscious minds because they can write when they need to in the future.

Another benefit of a kid is that this wooden engraved board can be used in a variety of ways to engage children in different learning activities. For example, parents or teachers can ask children to match wooden letters to objects on the board, or they can ask children to spell out words using wooden numbers This type of interactive learning can be more engaging and fun for children than traditional methods of teaching and memorization. One of the best toys for your baby’s development of finger strength.

It is sturdy, secure, and environmentally friendly because it is made of MDF wood. Every toy is meticulously made by hand in our workshop with love, care, and attention to quality. Hand-finished in superb, long-lasting MDF wood and includes a board and a fake wooden pencil.


1. Child-Friendly and Enjoyable Learning

2. This excellent inscribed board will assist in your child’s brain development and improve proper letter formation.

3. Increases self-assurance in letter recognition and pre-writing abilities

4. Promotes child analytical abilities



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