Wooden Small Cursive Alphabets Tracing Board – Brown

Cursive writing skills train the brain to learn functional specialization and can assist toddlers in transitioning from scribbles to script. This wooden tracing board with cursive letters improves sensorimotor skills, which contribute to a child’s ability to hold and use a pencil, as well as to draw, copy, and color. This book is an excellent way to get your child to practice the keystrokes required to begin forming letters.


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Wooden Small Cursive Alphabets Tracing Board – Brown

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English cursive writing is an important part of developing children’s writing skills. With our Cursive Writing Tracing Board, learning and practicing cursive writing has never been easier. This excellent engraved board assists your child in the proper formation of English Cursive Writing for brain development.

Children who are learning how to grasp and move a pencil draw the various shapes of the letters. This is one of the best toys for your baby’s finger strength and fine motor development. One of the primary benefits of a kid wooden alphabet engraved board is that it is a hands-on, tactile learning tool. Children can manipulate the wooden letters on the board by touching and feeling them, which helps them develop their fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination.

The engraved or printed letters also provide children with a visual reference, which can help them remember the alphabet more quickly and easily. It is sturdy, secure, and environmentally friendly because it is made of MDF wood. Every toy is meticulously made by hand in our workshop with love, care, and attention to quality. Hand-finished in superb, long-lasting MDF wood and includes a board and a fake wooden pencil.


1. Child-Friendly and Enjoyable Learning

2. This excellent inscribed board will assist in your child’s brain development and improve proper letter formation.

3. Increases self-assurance in letter recognition and pre-writing abilities

4. Promotes child analytical abilities



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